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Custom Polymer Products

EnCom Polymers delivers custom polymer products uniquely specified to your project’s requirements. Our capabilities and knowledge enable us to use polymer chemistry to solve any polymer problem you may be experiencing. We also take pride in offering many standard grades of commonly used thermoplastic to serve your needs with ease.

EnCom Polymers has a wide variety of polymer enhancements available, including glass, mineral, talc and flame-retardants. These enhancements can be added to almost any polymer in order to best provide precise products equipped to handle their intended environments. Explore some of our custom polymer product offerings below and please contact us with any specific requirements you have — we will gladly assist you.

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ABS – EnCore

EnCore ABS can be used for a wide array of applications. These include but are not limited to: plastic guards on plug-ins, LEGO pieces, and automotive applications. It has solid impact, chemical resistance, and is very easy to process due to its low melting temperature. While typically not used in high heat situations because of this, EnCom has taken the time to develop high-heat EnCore ABS. EnCom also offers natural grades, which are easier to color.

AES – EnPact

EnPact AES has excellent weather resistance with low temperature resistance as well. While ABS displays great formidability, it is limited by its rubber content. AES works extremely well in sunlight and can be used in applications requiring high impact resistance and UV resistance. EnPact is TSM5523G-1 specified.

Nylon – EnLon

EnLon Nylon is well-known for its long lasting capabilities and being a common product in the plastics world. Nylon is a tough material that is very difficult to tear. It bounces back if bent and exhibits fantastic abrasion resistance. EnCom offers grades that serve as great metal replacements. Moreover, EnLon can be incorporated into a number of applications including industrial, material handling, and automotive.

Additives – Chemblend

Our custom engineered masterbatches are designed to be used press side in conjunction with a prime product. They are designed for multiple reasons: Correct a molding issue, Provide Function to our plastic component, Reduce Cost, and Low Volume Production.

PBT – EnCounter

EnCounter PBT is highly versatile. It displays great chemical resistance, dimensional stability, heat resistance, toughness, and strength. This makes it ideal for applications in a lot of areas including, but not limited to: engine covers, switches and bobbins (when reinforced with an additive), and electrical parts. EnCounter PBT’s versatility is an asset to any company.

PC – EnPure

EnPure Polycarbonate is used in a wide set of applications. Being the most commonly known plastic in the world, Polycarbonate is a high performance, balanced plastic with an extremely unique list of characteristics. With electrical resistance, toughness, stability, and high heat resistance, it is extremely useful. You can find Polycarbonate in vehicles, sporting goods, medical equipment, electronics (CDs and DVDs), and more.

PC/ABS – EnValoy

EnValoy PC/ABS combines the process ability of ABS with the spectacular mechanical qualities of PC: heat resistance and impact. PC/ABS can be used for enclosures, gauges, latches, medical equipment, automotive applications, and more.

PC/ASA – EnVoy

EnVoy PC/ASA has great temperature stability. Its unique ability to withstand UV makes it great for applications requiring intense exposure to sunlight and weather. This makes it useful for exterior automotive applications. However, it’s also great for interior automotive because of its ability to also withstand cold temperatures without cracking. Overall, EnVoy’s versatility makes it a very useful tool to have.

PC/AES – EnVelop

PC/AES is a rarer alloy. It has the strength, toughness, and heat resistance of Polycarbonate. It withstands stress, can avoid cracking, and is also weather resistant. You can find EnVelop PC/AES in a lot of outdoor applications, building materials, and automotive components. Our EnVelop materials are TSM5523G-2A and TSM5526G-1 specified.

PE – EnLene

EnLene PE is a commodity plastic primarily used for packaging and material handling. EnLene can be used for plastic bags, films, types of bottles, and more. EnCom also makes an EnLene alloy that contains Nylon which can be used for small toys, lawn and garden, and industrial applications.

PC/PBT and PC/PET – EnCounter

Our PC/PBT EnCounter grades are used in a variety of applications. Keeping the strength, stiffness, and impact of Polycarbonate, it also maintains the chemical resistance of PBT. Because of these characterisitcs, you can find EnCounter in applications that require the fortitude of PC with chemical stability. This includes switches and gears (that need chemical resistance to oils, etc), bumpers, and more. Similarly to EnCounter PC/PBT, Our EnCounter PC/PET grades are chemically resistant and maintain great impact across a wide range of temperature ranges. This material comes in handy for any application requiring a lightweight resistant material like PET with a strong plastic like PC, such as jars, bottles, and other containers.

PEI – EnTor

EnTor PEI is excellent in conditions involving heat and chemicals. It also displays great flame resistance. It is perfect for applications that demand the material to be high strength, but the ability to withhold its properties under high temperatures as well. Because of this, EnTor PEI can be used in under the hood applications, 3D printing (because of its adhesive properties), and more.

POM – EnPom

EnPom (Acetal) possesses great stiffness, minimal friction, and fantastic dimensional stability. It works fantastic in applications requiring small components such as, but not limited to: guns, watches, eyeglasses, fasteners, and lock systems. We also offer Weather Resistant grades.

PET – EnCounter

EnCounter PET is a product useful for applications you find in everyday life. Most commonly known for being used in soda bottles and water bottles, it is also very easily processed and molded. This makes it ideal for holding cosmetic products because it is easy to shape. With excellent stability, wear resistance, and flexibility, EnCounter PET can be very useful for demanding applications.

PP – DualPoly, QuadPoly, SimPoly, EnDure

Our DualPoly and SimPoly (Copolymer and Homopolymer respectively) Polypropylene grades can be quite useful to our customers. Polypropylene is an extremely popular commodity plastic that can be found in hoses, staplers, piping, and more in a myriad of applications. It is highly chemically resistant.

PPE – EnLoy

EnLoy PPE-PA displays a good balance of strength, heat resistance, good flow, and conductivity. You can find this material in medicine because of the demand for plastic instruments that can withstand chemicals (such as sanitation liquids), automotive, household, and electrical applications.

PSU – EnFone

EnFone Polysulfone (PSU) is best characterized by its stability at high temperatures and its toughness. It’s stiff, high-strength, and transparent. It is used in aerospace applications, electrical applications (like connectors and switch boards), and more. Being one of the highest performing plastics, EnFone is a great product for customers.

TPE – EnLast

EnLast TPE (and TPV/TPU) are soft-touch polymers. You can find these in headphones, computer mouses, and even some medical equipment that requires softness for patient comfort. Moreover, EnLast can also be used in automotive, industry, and appliance applications.

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