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How Do Polymers Degrade and How Can Custom Blends Extend Their Lifespan?

July 21, 2023 | EnCom Polymers

Polymers are versatile materials that can be custom blended to best serve your unique application. They’re a staple for a wide range of industries, including automotive, power utilities, consumer goods, and many more. Lightweight, flexible, and highly customizable, polymers should be a strong consideration for your next project, but one key question arises: how do polymers degrade? 

The way and speed in which polymers degrade will play a role in how your finished product performs and what its lifespan will be. Read on to explore how polymers degrade and how you can custom blend your chosen polymer material to extend its lifespan. 

Ready to connect with expert polymer chemists to enjoy long-lasting polymers today? Reach out to our team to explore your customization options. 

How Do Polymers Degrade? 

Polymers are known for their long lifespan, and many have the capability to last decades and even hundreds of years without breaking down. However, when exposed to a variety of common environments, the degradation process can accelerate. This process can result in weakened polymer materials that don’t perform as expected. The degradation of polymers occurs naturally and can be influenced by a range of factors, some of which include:

UV Exposure

UV rays are known for their harmful effects on a variety of materials, including polymers. Heavy exposure to UV rays can break down polymers and make the material weaker or brittle, particularly if they lack any UV protection or resistance offered by custom additives. 


When polymer materials are exposed to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, this can impact their degradation process. Polymers can still be used in environments where high heat or deep cold temperatures, but taking a custom approach will help ensure they remain at peak performance for much longer.

Physical Use

Polymers that are in dynamic applications where the material is frequently compressed or stretched while in use may influence the rate at which the material degrades. Wear and tear is to be expected, but polymer chemists can help you develop an ideal blend best suited to your specific application ahead of time to ensure it resists breaking when in frequent physical use.

Chemical Exposure

When polymers are exposed to chemicals and solvents, the material can degrade at a faster rate. Harsh chemicals can wear away at polymers, weakening the material or reacting with it in a way that causes permanent damage. If your application involves chemical exposure, it’s important to work with a polymer chemist to ensure the best fit and the longest lifespan.

Oxygen Exposure

Oxygen exposure can also play a role in the degradation of polymers. This process is known as thermo-oxidative degradation, and it can have a large impact on your material’s mechanical and physical properties. With the right polymer blend, you can ensure stronger thermo-oxidative stability. 

Develop Long-Lasting Polymers with a Custom Approach

Don’t settle for standard polymer materials that don’t fully serve your needs. Instead, turn to trusted polymer chemists for custom support. When you partner with a custom polymer manufacturer to develop a unique blend, you can enhance your material to best serve your unique needs within your unique environment. 

At EnCom Polymers, we offer a wide range of high-quality polymer products that you can utilize to enhance your application, some of which include:

  • EnPact – This polymer offering has strong weather and UV resistance, and is well-suited for outdoor applications. 
  • EnValoy – This polymer has high-temperature resistance, empowering it with a longer lifespan in thermal applications.
  • EnLoy – Due to its strong chemical resistance, this polymer can thrive within medical applications and others involving high chemical exposure. 
  • EnFone – This strong polymer is known for its high-performance abilities and stability in high temperatures. 

We also offer a variety of chemical additives to create custom formulas that match your precise requirements. When you partner with us, our expert team works one-on-one with you to understand the challenges of your application and develop an exceptional, tailored solution.

Our polymer products are always of the highest quality and our expertise allows us to enhance them further to ensure they avoid degradation and continue serving your needs for decades to come.

Contact EnCom Polymers for Long-Lasting Polymers Today

How do polymers degrade? The short answer is — naturally. Polymers are exposed to a high amount of factors that can increase the rate of degradation, which can cause them to weaken and lose performance abilities. However, with the help of the EnCom team, you can enjoy a custom solution designed for the longest lifespan within your unique application. Whether you need durable, heat-resistant polymers or something that can combat heavy UV exposure, we’ve got you covered.

We take pride in serving our customers with exceptional support tailored to their precise needs, and we’re eager to deliver that same unparalleled service to you. Ready to get started on developing custom, long-lasting polymer solutions? Contact our team today.

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