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polymers for high-performance sporting goods

Game On: High-Quality Polymers for High-Performance Sporting Goods

May 4, 2023 | EnCom Polymers

From soccer balls and tennis rackets to protective helmets and plastic goals, polymers are vital to the sports industry and compose many beloved products. This material is uniquely suited to use in the sports industry thanks to its customization and versatility. Polymers for high-performance sporting goods allow you to tailor your materials to what best serves your needs, from UV resistance to flexibility to vivid colors and more. 

High-performance sporting goods require high-quality polymer materials that can withstand heavy use and outdoor environments without breaking down. We’ve broken down the benefits and common applications of polymers for high-performance sporting goods and how you can win against your competition with the right polymer manufacturer on your team.

Benefits of Polymers for High-Performance Sporting Goods

Whether you require a flexible, lightweight material to craft tennis rackets or you need a durable, rigid plastic to form a soccer goal, you can tailor your materials to best serve your needs. Polymers offer a range of beneficial traits that you can incorporate into your materials to give your products a competitive advantage. 

As Flexible or Rigid as You Require

When you need a flexible material that doesn’t sacrifice durability for its elastic nature, polymers are the ideal choice. Should you require less flexibility, your chosen polymer manufacturer can ensure you choose a more rigid polymer instead. Depending on the way you customize your material’s chemical makeup, polymers for high-performance sporting goods can empower your product with the flexibility or rigidity necessary for its intended use. 

Lightweight but Strong

Polymers are often lightweight, an important characteristic for many sporting goods. If your polymer material will be used for products that must be constantly lifted or moved, like a bicycle, racket, or ball, the lightweight nature of your chosen polymer will enhance the functionality of your product. Despite many polymers being lightweight, all polymers provide excellent strength. Their stable, strong nature ensures they can withstand high-impact usage with ease.

Reliable Durability

Polymer materials resist degrading even when exposed to harsh outdoor conditions or frequent usage. Sporting goods are often exposed to heat, moisture, sunlight, and other environmental factors, but they must continue to perform well and maintain their quality. Polymers are the perfect material for this purpose and can even be customized to include UV resistance, preventing your sporting goods from growing brittle or weak even in frequent sun exposure.

Safe for Players

Sporting equipment is often exposed to bodily fluids like sweat, in addition to an array of germs and bacteria from outdoor environments. Polymers for high-performance sporting goods are protective for players because they don’t absorb germs or bodily fluids and offer unique antimicrobial advantages. Polymer sporting goods can also be easily sanitized without degrading from the cleaning chemicals used.

Shock Absorbent 

Polymer materials can be highly shock absorbent, the most important component for reducing injuries with protective sporting goods like helmets, gloves, and body pads. Polymers for high-performance sporting goods add critical protection to players and remain supportive even with heavy usage. 

Common Applications of Polymers for Sporting Goods

Polymers are commonly used materials in a wide range of sporting goods applications. Whether you need a high-quality, advantageous material for balls, goals, protective gear, or even floor mats and artificial grass, polymers can fulfill your needs. Explore some common applications of polymers for sporting goods you can consider:

  • Balls – Lightweight and durable, polymer is the perfect material for soccer balls, basketballs, and volleyballs alike.
  • Goals and Nets – Sturdy, strong polymers with increased rigidity are ideal for goal and net frames. 
  • Protective Equipment – Polymer materials add protection and durability to players in the form of mouth guards, gloves, knee pads, helmets, and more. 
  • Floor Mats and Artificial Turf – Many indoor and outdoor sports make use of polymer floor mats and turf, which must be shock-absorbant, sturdy, and antimicrobial to best protect and serve athletes.

Empower Your Polymers for High-Performance Sporting Goods with EnCom on Your Team

When you need high-quality polymers for high-performance sporting goods, you can count on the skilled polymer experts at EnCom to knock it out of the park. We take a personalized approach to every project and ensure the polymers we provide meet your precise needs and help you beat the competition with better products. 

We offer an extensive range of polymer options and can customize your chosen materials with special additives to ensure they meet your unique specifications. We also have a variety of high-quality sustainable polymer materials that can suit your needs and score points with your customers for being planet-friendly.

Ready to tee your polymer products up for excellence? Contact our expert team today to get your top-quality custom polymers for high-performance sporting goods.

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