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Drive Sales with Sustainable Plastics 

May 31, 2023 | EnCom Polymers

Over the last few years, sustainability has become a key concern for consumers. From consumer goods manufacturers to automakers to electronics and many more, customers want to see more sustainability efforts, and their expectations and values may shape whether or not manufacturers get the sale. No matter your market, the time is now to drive sales and satisfy customers by making the switch to sustainable plastics.

As you take consumer interests into account when designing new products, the sustainability of your materials matters. Read on to explore what sustainable plastics are, how customers feel about them, and how you can find high-quality, eco-friendly materials well-suited for your unique applications.

What are Sustainable Plastics?

There are many varieties of sustainable plastics, each made using unique materials that give the plastics an eco-friendly nature. Some sustainable plastics utilize natural materials like plant derivatives and starch in order to biodegrade. Though these offer unique eco-friendly advantages, they aren’t suitable for all applications and in some instances, they don’t offer the same level of durability as other forms. 

Other sustainable plastics use recycled materials, such as recycled feedstock. If you require a sustainable plastic that functions like a standard polymer material with an eco-conscious edge, recycled polymer materials are a strategic choice to consider. Due to their similar nature to traditional plastics in terms of strength and customization, they are suitable for a wide range of industries, from electronics to automotive and many more. 

Recycled polymer materials offer the same durability and advantages as standard plastics, but their recycled nature makes them an appealing alternative for customers avoiding traditional plastics in the products they purchase. With recycled sustainable polymers, you can create the high-quality products your customers count on with the sustainability efforts they’ve come to expect.

How do Customers Feel about Recycled Sustainable Plastics?

For more than 78% of surveyed US consumers, sustainability has shifted into top importance for the products they purchase. Recycled plastics are a strong, sustainable alternative to less eco-conscious materials, and customers are increasingly in favor of this material over less sustainable options. 

Customers using products made from recycled plastics reported that it positively impacted their purchase decisions, showcasing the advantage sustainable plastics offer manufacturers trying to stay ahead of the competition. In fact, 45% of consumers surveyed share that the presence of recycled plastic in a given product had a very positive effect on their desire to purchase the product. 

Better yet, customers were happy with the way sustainable plastics performed in their products. In the same study, more than 93% of respondents reported they were satisfied with products made from recycled plastic materials and planned to purchase them again. Using recycled plastics in your products can help you drive sales and encourage customer loyalty.

This trend continues throughout a wide range of industries, with customers expressing interest in seeing more sustainable plastic products in every industry, from consumer goods markets to the automotive sector, and so on. When asked what products the customers would find suitable for recycled plastic use, a large variety of answers were given: toys, vehicles, electronics, garden and yard products, food packaging, and many more. More than 33% of respondents gave the answer “for anything” — further showcasing how consumers are open to and eager for more products to be made from sustainable plastics.

The evidence is clear: customers are in favor of recycled plastics and are actively basing the presence of sustainable materials in their purchasing decisions. No matter your industry, sustainable plastics can entice and satisfy your customers. When you’re ready to make the switch and drive sales, consider a tried-and-tested choice: our Evolve product line.

Evolve: Premium Sustainable Plastics

At EnCom Polymers, we pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions to address the challenges of our customers, and we’ve worked hard to develop a sustainable line with superior performance. Our product line Evolve combines sustainability with superior quality, resulting in a versatile, durable material that helps protect the planet while also delivering the flawless functionality your customers expect.

Our Evolve line can be formulated with 100% recycled, sustainable feedstock, and is well-suited for a variety of applications. We work with you directly to ensure the sustainable plastics you choose will function flawlessly in their intended application. Our Evolve polymers can be customized to your unique requirements and are available in black and color, including custom colorization to match your specifications. 

We offer a wide range of Evolve products to empower a range of industries with high-quality, recycled plastics, and we take a custom approach to find the best eco-friendly materials for your precise requirements. When you partner with EnCom, you can count on us to deliver premium plastics that meet your needs and satisfy your customers every time. 

Contact EnCom Polymers for Superior Sustainable Plastics

When you’re seeking high-quality recycled sustainable plastics, we’re here to help.

At EnCom Polymers, we’re passionate about providing our customers with innovative plastic solutions that best serve their customers and drive sales. We’ve developed our Evolve product line to deliver the durability and quality you expect from plastic materials in a more sustainable way. With our products and aid, you can better appeal to customer interests and stand out from the competition. 

Our unique sustainable plastics can be used by a range of industries and can be tailored to fulfill your precise requirements. Whether you’re seeking sustainable materials for your electronic goods or you require eco-friendly automotive plastics, we take a custom approach to properly address your needs with the planet-conscious plastic materials you need to impress customers. 

Ready to level up your products with high-performance, eco-friendly plastics? We’re here to help. Contact EnCom Polymers for high-quality sustainable plastics today. 

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