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5 Common Types of Polymer Additives and Their Benefits

April 21, 2023 | EnCom Polymers

As polymer chemistry advances, high-quality polymer manufacturers continue to advance the ways that polymer materials can serve your unique project needs. Polymer additives — chemicals added to the base of polymers — can boost the material’s lifespan, performance, and stability. Additives can also enable your chosen polymer to serve your project with specific physical and chemical characteristics, from enhanced strength to temperature resistance, flame retardant abilities, and more.

The additives you choose determine what your polymer is capable of. Read on to learn more about common additives and their benefits, and how partnering with a team of expert polymer chemists like EnCom Polymers can empower your application with a custom polymer solution. 

5 Common Types of Polymer Additives 


Colorants are polymer additives that change the color of your final product. Specialized dyes and pigments help ensure your polymer product meets your color and aesthetic requirements. If you require a highly specific color for your polymer materials, a team of polymer experts can help you ensure your material matches your precise specifications.

UV-Protective Additives 

UV-Protective polymer additives can strengthen polymers that are exposed to UV light. Sunlight and other UV light sources can degrade polymers, and these specialized additives help combat the degradation and prolong the lifespan of your polymer product. For polymer material used in sunlight and UV-heavy applications, like outdoor equipment, this additive is critical to ensure the longevity of your product.

Flame Retardants

For polymers in electrical applications or other environments where combustion is a concern, flame retardant polymer additives are a vital support for your product to resist ignition. For your product to remain strong and avoid burning in its intended environment, partner with an expert polymer manufacturer who can help you determine which flame retardant additives are best suited for your needs.

Shrink Rate Modifiers

Throughout the plastic molding process, polymers can shrink. The rate at which they shrink plays a key role in your production process and how they can be utilized within different projects. Using these additives reduces the shrink rate, allowing you to efficiently use the right amount of material for the application and achieve a more sturdy polymer.

Formability and Plasticizing Agents 

Formability and plasticizing additives strengthen the workability of your polymers. When base polymers are rigid, plasticizing agents can boost flexibility and elasticity to allow for superior processing. Formability additives enable your polymer to remain stronger and more durable during processes like extrusion. This boosted strength prevents material loss from splitting and empowers your polymer product with tougher materials.  

How to Determine the Best Polymer Additives for Your Project

Additives offer an array of advantages to your polymer materials of choice, but determining which additives your project requires may feel challenging. Simplify the process by evaluating these key questions:

  • What is the intended environment of your polymer? If your polymer will be used for outdoor products or products exposed to high temperatures, choose additives that will help them withstand these environments, like UV protection and flame retardants.
  • What manufacturing processes will the polymer endure? If your polymer will be utilized in manufacturing processes like extrusion or injection molding, consider adding plasticizing agents to boost the flexibility of your material so it’s easier to process.
  • Do you need to cut costs? Some additives offer cost-saving benefits and can reduce material loss by making the polymer more durable. 

When you partner with a team of polymer experts, you can count on their knowledge and guidance to lead you toward the best additives for your needs.

EnCom Polymers Develops Custom Polymer Additives to Serve Your Unique Needs

At EnCom Polymers, we recognize your unique applications benefit from custom polymer additives solutions. Whether you want to correct a molding issue, provide a function to your plastic part, lower your costs, or achieve better low-volume production, we offer custom additives to help. We take a personalized approach to the solutions we offer our customers, and our unparalleled customer service and premium-quality polymers empower your project needs with materials created to your unique specifications. 

Our team has the experience and expertise to evaluate your intended application and help you determine the best polymer additives to ensure your final product meets your precise requirements every time. 

Contact EnCom Polymers

The skilled manufacturers at EnCom Polymers are prepared to develop personalized additive solutions to best serve your unique needs. Whether your project will benefit from one of the five common additives explored above, or you require a different unique solution, we offer a wide range of options to serve your needs every time.

Contact our team today to learn more about the polymer additives we offer to level up your polymer products. 

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