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Premium Indianapolis Plastics 

At EnCom Polymers, we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality polymers that serve your unique needs. We specialize in custom solutions and address your unique challenges with a tailored approach that truly considers your industry, application, and ambitions for your product. With decades of experience and a skilled team providing expert R&D aid, we help businesses from a range of industries discover polymer materials that meet their precise requirements. Whether you’re an outdoor power equipment manufacturer needing durable UV-resistant polymers, or you create consumer goods and require a flexible, colorful option to bring your design to life, we’re here to help. 

Innovative Indianapolis Polymers

We go above and beyond, advancing beyond the competition in three key ways: faster service, more customization, and higher quality products that support your innovation. 

Faster Service 

When you work with EnCom, you’ll never be left waiting for a response. Our team understands the value of your time and knows delays to market can be costly and cumbersome, so we provide responses and quotes swiftly, then work efficiently to finish out your project on time, every time.

More Customization

Your unique problems demand unique solutions. EnCom helps you stay ahead of the competition with high-quality, custom solutions that meet your precise requirements. We offer a wide variety of enhancements to empower your plastic materials, including those that make your chosen materials UV or flame-resistant, more machinable, or more durable, among other options. 

High-Quality Innovation

We provide innovative solutions with expert polymer chemistry so you can use the best quality materials to support your own advancements. One key innovation we offer is our recycled plastic line Evolve, a premium sustainable polymer option that allows you to achieve superior sustainability with unbeatable quality. With EnCom, our innovations empower yours. 

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Ready to enjoy higher-quality Indianapolis plastics for your project needs? We’re here to help. Contact our team today to get started. 

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