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Premium Evansville Polymers

At EnCom Polymers, we’re committed to delivering exceptional polymer materials customized to your unique needs. Our skilled team has decades of experience creating innovative polymer solutions expertly designed to address unique challenges for a range of industries, including electronics, injection molding, and more. We provide the highest quality polymers and help our customers maximize the value their materials provide by offering an array of additives that make your polymer match your precise needs. Whether you require UV-resistant materials for your outdoor power equipment, or you want to optimize your injection molding with more machinable materials, we’re ready to help.

Better Evansville Polymers, Better Service

We beat the competition in three key ways: faster service, more customization, and higher quality innovation that supports your advancements. 

Faster Service 

When you partner with EnCom, you can count on our responsive, expert team to address your project needs quickly, answering your questions or providing a project quote in a timely manner every time. To our team, the needs of our customers are our highest priority, and we take the time to understand your project requirements and how we can best serve you. 

More Customization

Don’t settle for stock polymer materials that don’t truly satisfy your project requirements, choose polymer materials that do more. With EnCom, you can enjoy custom polymer solutions that empower your product in its intended application, making it more capable of withstanding its environment, more long-lasting, or more easy to work with. 

High-Quality Innovation

At EnCom, we’re dedicated to continuously improving our products and advancing our ability to serve your needs. We offer innovative, premium plastic solutions like our Evolve line, a sustainable recycled plastic offering the same quality as traditional plastic with the eco-friendly edge customers appreciate. Soar beyond your competition with high-quality materials that support your own innovation. 

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Ready to enjoy higher quality Evansville polymers for your project needs? We’re here to help. Contact our team today to get started. 

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Please call our main office at (866) 481-7700 and ask to speak to a technical specialist.