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High-Quality Custom Plastic Manufacturer

At EnCom Polymers, we produce innovative custom plastic solutions to serve your needs. Combining decades of experience with our polymer chemistry expertise, we deliver high-quality polymer materials ready for high-performance applications. We offer a wide array of polymer materials and customize your choice to perfectly match your precise requirements. Whether you require polymers with UV resistance, specialized colors or textures, or materials with heightened machinability, we’re here to help. We also offer premium sustainable options composed of recycled plastics so you can improve your sustainability and better support your bottom line without sacrificing quality.

We Go Above and Beyond Every Time

Our skilled team goes a step beyond our competitors in the value that we deliver to our customers. When you partner with us, you can expect swift estimates and responses from a team ready to address your needs. We take the time to learn your challenges and material requirements, then work hard to find the perfect solution. Whether it’s one of our premium stock polymers or a custom blend made precisely for your needs, we’ll ensure you’re provided with the very best materials for the job. Our efforts serve a wide variety of industries, including electronics, injection molding, and many more. No matter your niche or need, we’ll provide premium polymers so you can deliver the best quality and functionality to your customers too.

Contact EnCom Polymers for Better Custom Plastic Materials Today

Ready to empower your next project with top-quality materials made precisely to your requirements? Turn to the EnCom team for premium custom plastics today. Based in Evansville, Indiana, we proudly serve businesses across the U.S. and globally. Wherever you’re based, we’re prepared to serve your needs with unparalleled-quality custom plastic materials. 

Explore some of the major areas we serve, and contact our team today to learn more about how we can serve your unique needs with custom plastic solutions.


EnCom delivers high-quality custom polymer solutions to Evansville businesses in need.

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Our expert team is prepared to serve Indianapolis businesses with premium custom polymers.

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Fort Wayne

Our team at EnCom Polymers is dedicated to delivering high-quality polymers for any of your unique applications.

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South Bend

EnCom Polymers provides the highest quality polymers and custom polymer solutions to match each project’s precise needs.

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Delivering exceptional polymer materials that are customized for each individual project is EnCom Polymer’s goal.

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EnCom Polymers is committed to delivering exceptional polymer materials for a variety of industries and projects.

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Please call our main office at (866) 481-7700 and ask to speak to a technical specialist.